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Family Futures

mayo, 16, '14

Family Futures

UNDESA-DSPD has produced a landmark publication to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family in 2014 and refocus on the role of families in sustainable human developments.

The twentieth anniversary of the International Year of the Family (IYF) offers an opportunity to refocus on the role of families in development; take stock of recent trends in family policy development; share good practices in family policy making; review challenges faced by families worldwide and recommend solutions.

Family Futures is a book with over one hundred authors principally in the following issues:

  • Confronting family poverty
  • Ensuring work-family balance
  • Advancing social integration and intergenerational solidarity

By focusing on different levels of society, but particularly the experiences and livelihoods of local communities in vulnerable human habitats, it projects the benefits of experience in improving the lives of families worldwide, and advance shared commitment to the importance of families as both agents and beneficiaries of sustainable development and their particular role in advancing social integration and intergenerational solidarity. In this latter respect, Family Futures will amplify and contribute to the international dialogue created by the 20th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family in 2014.

This innovative endeavour is a striking example of sharing respective resources to engage the many official governmental, international organizations, institutional and professional interests in displaying the extent and variety of their efforts to make the world a better place by improving the lives of families worldwide.

The International Center for Work and Family has contributed a written report to the book, titled “Corporate Family Responsibility”.


To access the Corporate Family Responsibility article, see the atached PDF file.

To access the digital edition of Family Futures:

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