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The IESE FAMILY-RESPONSIBLE EMPLOYER INDEX analyzes the implementation level of flexibility and work-family reconciliation policies in companies, their effect on its employees and on the organization itself.


The IFREI Club is a forum for companies that was born under the impulse of the International Center of Work and Family (ICWF) IESE, in order to promote flexible policies, leadership and culture.

The objectives of IFREI Club are:

  • Promote Corporate Family Responsibility to improve results and employee satisfaction.

  • Promote flexible and responsible leadership that benefits employee commitment and their work-family enrichment.

  • Motivate the implementation of flexible policies aimed at boosting employee motivation and client-orientation.

  • Facilitate the tools and diagnostic required to create flexible and rewarding environments.

  • Share information on best practices of conciliation and equal opportunity matters.

  • Encourage the organizations to apply continuous improvement plans.

  • Iberdrola
  • FABRE Foundation
  • GAES
  • Marie Curie Actions