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The ICWF of IESE Business School developed in 1999 the INDEX FAMILY RESPONSIBLE ENTERPRISES (IFREI 1.0) evaluating the implementation of policies aimed to reconcile work, family and personal life in 19 countries. The questionnaire collected information from CEO’s or HR Managers and focused its study on policies, culture, brakes and drivers. Since 1999 more than 3,800 companies have participated in this survey.

In 2010, a new version of the questionnaire was developed. The IFREI 1.5, addressed to all employees of the company, measures the impact that policies, the supervisor and culture have on the organizational and individual results. It has involved more than 5,000 people in 23 countries.

In 2012, the IFREI 2.0 was released. Its aim is to deepen the analysis of each company´s environment, through multiple responses from the same organization. This questionnaire involves the HR director, managers and employees.


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