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Nuria Chinchilla at the Women's Committee of the UN

March, 14, '14

Nuria Chinchilla at the Women's Committee of the UN

IESE professor Nuria Chinchilla yesterday took part in a conference that was part of the UN Commission on the Status of Women’s (CSW) official program. During the conference, the success of the UN's Millennium Development Goals was assessed in relation to women and from a global perspective, with a special focus on Africa.

During the session, which was chaired by Joy Ogwu, Nigeria´s former Minister for Foreign Affairs and her country’s permanent representative to the UN, professor tackled topics concerning work-family balance and flexibility. Also present on the panel were Renata Kackzmarska (Focal Point on the Family, UN DSPD/DESA), Florence Didigu (UN Women´s Board), Uloma Abii (Women´s Board Youth) and Ada Garriga (IESE ICWF).

The panel of experts detailed the challenges and obstacles surrounding women’s access to training as well as the impediments to women achieving their full potential when it comes to having equal conditions in matters such as full employment and the quality of available job.

In addition, a set of measures was presented as a way of promoting equality and good working practices in businesses and public administration in order to safeguard equality among employees.

The three 'F's

Among the recommendations made for the continued advancement of women´s development, Chinchilla suggested working on what she called the “3Fs”:

  • female participation, as pivotal to women´s role in society 
  • the family as a support, and not as a stumbling block, for women´s training 
  • flexibility on the part of organizations in order to adapt to employees of the 21st century, who have family responsibilities

Nuria Chinchilla is Professor of Managing People in Organizations at IESE and Director of the International Center for Work and Family (ICWF). Besides her interest in work-family balance, she also works in the areas of management competencies, career management, women in management roles and family responsible companies.


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